DIY Daisy Decor


A super fun and quirky DIY décor to make with the kids. 
Use in playrooms, for Birthday Parties, Tepee decorations.. the list is endless!


What you will need:

Egg Carton/Tray
Scissors/Craft Knife
Pom Poms

Step One: Starting with your egg cartons or tray simply cut the cartons into the Daisy flower shape (that is 4 egg cups) Trim the edges so they are nice and rounded. Cut as many ‘Flowers’ as required for the size of your garland, for our garland we used seven.

Egg Carton DIY

Step Two: Paint your ‘Flowers’ any colour scheme you like, two coats is ample for great coverage!

Daisy DIY Decor

Step Three: Glue on your pom poms to create a cute flower centre.

Step Four: Punch a hole in the tops of your newly decorated flowers and thread through your choice of string/wool.

Eggcarton DIY Decor

Ta Da!
A gorgeous home made Daisy Garland that makes for the cutest DIY Decor.

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